Berean Bible  

Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true
(Acts 17:11)

Latest version:
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  1. What does the name BerBible mean?
    Berean Bible (from Acts 17:11 ... see left side of page) -- to reflect its emphasis on inspired Scripture and lack of commentaries. sola scriptura.
  2. How is BerBible different from other Bible software?
    BerBible was intentionally simplifed so as to have a trivial learning curve for people who aren't necessarily techies, and to have very good performance on dinosaur computers that are typically donated to the third world. Somewhat incidentally, this resulted in BerBible also being suitable for less computer literate people with or without modern computers (such as missionaries, younger children, senior citizens, etc.).
    See FAQ for Other Software
  3. How does BerBible performance compare to other Bible software?
    On older computers, BerBible is typically much faster to load/launch and generally 3x to 50x faster to do searches. On modern computers, it is still significantly faster but you probably won't notice much difference between 1/10 second and 1/100 second. BerBible
  4. What is involved to install BerBible?
    Very straightforward ... probably one of the most simple installs you will encounter.
    See FAQ for Installation
  5. What kind of searches can be done with BerBible?
    Fairly elaborate. See FAQ for Searching
  6. What kind of Help is available?
    Fairly elaborate. See FAQ for Help (F1 HtmlHelp and Context Sensitive Help CSH)
  7. What enhancements are envisioned for BerBible?
    Lots. See FAQ for Roadmap of Envisioned Enhancements
  8. Is there a tutorial available?
    There is a separate file with a 100+ step tutorial which is oriented to relatively inexperienced computer users. During the first part of this tutorial, each and every mouse click and keystroke are described. There are QwkChecks for each section of the tutorial to help determine if you can skip that part. The embedded WinHelp (reached using F1) contains the equivalent of the tutorial in a series of Help pages. However, it isn't that handy to be viewing BerBible and WinHelp at the same time unless you have a double monitor setup or a large monitor with very high resolution (1280*1024 or greater). It works better to print out the tutorial and follow along. BerBible
  9. What other documentation is available?
    Tip-of-the-Day shown at startup.
  10. What other learning aids exist to get up to speed with BerBible?
    An animated slideshow demonstrates basic features of BerBible (corresponds to the BerBible tutorial).
  11. What is freeware? Is BerBible freeware?
    No charge, nags, expiration, crippled functions, spyware. BerBible is freeware.
  12. What is shareware? Is BerBible shareware?
    Try before you buy. May be nags, expiration, crippled functions, etc. BerBible is not shareware. Note that we are are definitely not anti-capitalist, not against commercial Bible software, and not against charging for published Bibles. There can be enormous expenses in preparing, publishing, and distributing Bibles. BerBible
  13. Is there a connection between BerBible and the InVerse Scripture memorization freeware?
    Both were written by the same developer with similar tools and look and feel. An eventual goal is that InVerse will be integrated with BerBible.
  14. Is there a connection between BerBible and LcdBible?
    LcdBible gets its name from Lowest Common Denominator Bible (or Little Children Devoted to the Bible, or Lynn and Candace's Donation for Bible study). It uses the GPL license and the sword-api to access Bible texts made available by The CrossWire Bible Society. BerBible uses the Mozilla 1.1 license and independently developed logic to access public domain vpl format files (one verse per 31,102 lines using KJV versification and no embedded tags allowed). Both were written by the same developer with the same tools, have similar features, and have a generally consistent look and feel.
  15. Is the source code to BerBible available?
    Yes. It is maintained on the SourceForge website.
  16. What tools were used to develop BerBible?
    Visual C++ 6.0, 7.1, and 8.0, NSIS 2.0.x installer, Doxygen 1.4.x, TextPad, Visual Test, Qarbon ViewletBuilder Freeware ver 4.5.x, LViewPro 2.0, CSE HtmlValidator 7.0.x, Visual Source Safe, Ms Word-For-Windows, Ftp Commander 7.4, WinSCP 3.7.6. BerBible
  17. What limitations does BerBible have?
    Quite a few. Mea culpa.
    As of ver 2.00n [Mar, 2005], there are no provisions for commentaries, note taking, or dictionaries. Only a limited number of public domain Bibles are usable. Other freeware Bibles have many more Bible texts available. BerBible doesn't use embedded tags to delineate paragraphs, Strong's numbers, words of Christ in red, footnotes, cross-references, etc. Realistically, if you are computer literate, want to do relatively sophisticated things with Bible software, have a relatively modern computer, need modern English Bible translation that aren't public domain (NIV, ESV, NKJV, etc.), and have an adequate budget, there are better choices besides BerBible. Otherwise, BerBible will probably meet your needs quite adequately.
  18. Can multiple BerBible's be running at the same time?
    This is possible ... just start BerBible several times. Each instance can be used to show a different translation (if you have more than one translation installed). However, BerBible only saves registry information about the last instance closed. When you restart BerBible, this will be the translation you will see.
  19. Why is the developer making BerBible available?
    We have been abundantly blessed, and want to give something back.
  20. Is there a Pro version of BerBible available for a fee with additional features?
    No. This would not be freeware, but a variant of shareware. Note that we are are definitely not anti-capitalist, not against commercial Bible software, and not against charging for published Bibles. There can be enormous expenses in preparing, publishing, and distributing Bibles.
  21. How do I report a bug? Make a suggestion? Obtain support?
    Send an e-mail to: BerBible
  22. Can a person with software development skills participate in BerBible development?
    Yes. Contact us with your experience, skill-set, and interests. BerBible reflects input from techies in Tennessee, Greece, and Holland. A goal is to have a very collaborative development process using much more Team Programming according to XP (Extreme Programming) recommendations.
  23. Can a person without software development skills participate in BerBible?
    Yes, including documentation, support, testing, encouragement, webmaster, iron sharpens iron, etc. Contact us.
  24. What is your evaluation about other Bible software such as ...?
    Much is quite good, but generally seems oriented to scholars with modern computers. There tends to be such an abundance of features that they can be baffling for non-techies to use. Basic operations can be less than obvious to figure out. Load/launch and searches can be sluggish, even on relatively modern computers. Realistically, how often do you do more than GoTo a particular verse reference or do a search for one or more words? These basic capabilities are very simple, fast, and obvious to accomplish with BerBible. BerBible
  25. To what extent do you get what you pay for? Is BerBible a hunk of junk?
    IMHO, BerBible does at least a decent job at meeting its rather simplistic objectives. Obviously, there is lots of room for improvement. Q/A-wise, it uses a 4500+ line Visual Test script for regression testing to avoid bugs and crashes ... BerBible has (so far -- knock wood :-) been relatively bullet-proof with no reported bugs or crashes. There is extensive Doxygen embedded documentation. There is a reasonable alpha + beta test protocol before software is released, taking advantage of cooperative yahoo e-group members who like to break software.
  26. What is XP (Extreme Programming)?
    XP is a style of software development aimed at preparing higher quality software in less time. The basic tenets are: team programming, extensive regression testing, release early / release often for user feedback, etc.
  27. Do keyboard accelerator shortcuts work?
    Ok in the main windows, but flaky in the Options Dialog. This may be a bug with the Win2k and WinXp operating system, (but a poor craftsman blames his tools???) in that the Options Dialog shortcuts work once you have pressed the Alt key. This can be changed for all applications in the
    Control Panel + Display + Appearance / Effects
    Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key setting.
  28. Why isn't the Options Dialog modeless?
    It probably should be so that it behaves in a standard way while you are making refinements to the search. The Options dialog was originally modal, and it was easier to utilize a quasi-modeless hold-your-nose approach to accomplish refined Searches directly. The net effect is that the Options Dialog appears in the upper left of the screen, so it may be advisable to reposition the main window to the right somewhat. If it aint' broke, don't fix it.
  29. Why doesn't BerBible conform more closely to Windows standard behavior?
    The biggest differences are the lack of a menu and a status bar. An overriding objective of BerBible was usability on a computer (or laptop) with only 640*480 resolution. This argued against having these features, which take up quite a bit of screen real estate. BerBible
  30. When will BerBible be finished?
    My wife wonders the same thing, especially around dinner time or when some bills come due :-)
  31. What prayers would be appropriate for BerBible?
    • God's blessing, power from His Holy Spirit, and more awareness of the limits of our own strength
    • continued support by family
    • more collaborative team programming, rather than BerBible being primarily a solo effort
    • permissions from publishers to make their Bible texts available
    • collaboration with The CrossWire Society
    • integration with InVerse Scripture memorization freeware
    • progress on other aspects of the enhancement roadmap
    • Col 3:23 "work as unto the Lord"
  32. Have you been born again? What does it mean to be born again? Are there on-line resources for leading someone to saving faith in Jesus Christ?
God is pleased when followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have a growing knowledge of His Bible, His Son, and His message of salvation and repentance for a lost and dying world.