Berean Bible  

Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true
(Acts 17:11)

Latest version:
2.12s Jul 24,'06 Logo
  1. Where can the latest BerBible be downloaded?
  2. What is the file size of the download?
    BerBible is optimized for quick and easy download by people who may have slow, unreliable, and/or expensive Internet connectivity. The Starter Kit is only about 1.2 meg (less than a floppy disk). This compares to the typical 8 to 16 meg Starter Kits of other Bible freeware and commercial vendors. It is actually feasible to download the BerBible Starter Kit with a 9600 baud POTS modem in a 3rd world country.

    Once you have installed the Starter Kit, updates of just the software are very small, typically about 150kb. BerBible
  3. What is the procedure to download and install?
    • Click on this Starter Kit link (or the Download link on the left side of this web-page)
    • Click on Run if your browser has a security warning such as
      Do you want to run or save this file?
    • Click on Run if your browser has a security warning such as
      The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?
    • Click on the Continue button of the actual installation window to accept the License Agreement (BerBible uses the minimally restrictive Mozilla 1.1 open license).
    • Click on the Install button to accept the default installation directory of:
      C:\Program Files\BerBible
    • BerBible will actually install itself.
    • A Mini Tutorial will be shown to help get started. Read this and then click on the OK button.
    • BerBible will actually launch (load) and get started by showing an initial Tip of the Daywindow. Click on the Close button to dismiss this window.
    • BerBible will then start by showing Genesis 1 of the World English Bible (WEB).
    • You are encouraged to read through and follow the tutorial
      Start + Programs + BerBible Folder + Tutorial
  4. Is BerBible really free?
    Yes. BerBible is completely free (no charge). The developer has been abundantly blessed and wants to give something back. There are no expirations, ads, spies, function limits, etc. (this would make BerBible non-freeware by purist definitions). There is no pro version for sale that has additional features (this would be shareware try before you buy).
  5. Does BerBible contain spyware or adware?
    No. All of the source code for using the public domain resources is available for anyone to study or use. This pretty much eliminates the chance for mal-ware within the code. The exception is the interface to encrypted, password-protected resources from publishers of Bibles.
  6. Is there a safer place to download BerBible?
    This is a legitimate concern when installing software, especially freeware from a no name vendor you've never heard of. BerBible is also distributed by a number of well-known shareware/freeware repositories. They tend to be very careful about checking for mal-ware within software they carry. They also tend to have feedback from end-users. However, these websites may not have the latest version of BerBible. You can install from one of the above websites, and then use the Help + Check for Update function. BerBible
  7. What kind of problems could be encountered?
    Hopefully, few or none ... but Y)our M)ilage M)ay V)ary
    • If you updating BerBible from version 2.0x or earlier, the font of the first displayed chapter could be extra small or extra large. This can usually be resolved by selecting a different chapter.
    • Superscripted verse number may not display correctly if you are using Windows 95 or Windows 98. These came with a version of RichEdit that has problems with some of the formatting that BerBible uses. It is possible and recommended to download and install a more recent version of the RichEdit control.
    • Similarly, the RMB (right mouse button) may not work correctly with Win9x systems in the TextViewer. This prevents the find from selected text from working, and requires use of the Options Dialog to change the font-size. Sorry.
    • BerBible could get confused if you close BerBible and then uninstall (delete) the Bible translation you were viewing. BerBible attempts to restart where you left off. BerBible
  8. Is there a version of BerBible for Linux?
    No. See The CrossWire Society
  9. Is there a version of BerBible for the Macintosh?
    No. See The CrossWire Society
  10. What Bible translations are available for BerBible?
    As of Oct, 2005, ver 2.10p can detect and use the public domain AKJV, ASV, BBE, KJV, Websters, WEB, and YLT Bibles.
  11. Is the [NASB | NIV | NKJV | NLT | etc.] available for BerBible?
    No. The publishers of these Bibles restrict usage and/or charge a significant licensing fee.
  12. Is the [AMP, ESV, God's Word, KJ21, LITV, MKJV, MSG, TEV | etc.] Bible available for BerBible?
    Not yet. The publishers of these less well known Bibles tend to be less restrictive than the publishers of the best known Bibles noted above. They have made their Bible texts available to other freeware websites, but with reasonable limitations to protect their intellectual property. We will endeavor to obtain permission to make some or all of these Bibles available for use by BerBible.
  13. What is the minimal hardware configuration that BerBible runs on?
    Official minimum: Pentium 233, 32 meg DRAM, 640*480 video
    Observed to work (slowly): 386 laptop with 16 meg DRAM and compressed hard drive (double-space)
    BerBible is possibly unique in that it is actually quite usable on dinosaur equipment. BerBible
  14. Will BerBible work on a computer with Windows 95 installed?
    Yes. Let us know if you have problems with BerBibleUpdate.exe, however.
  15. Will BerBible work on a computer with Windows 3.x installed?
    No.It's a 32 bit application.
  16. Does BerBible contain worms, cookies, etc.?
    No. It is very well behaved in that it is self-contained, with no files installed into any System directories (such as C:\Windows). It does not suffer from, or contribute to, dll heck.
  17. Does BerBible have a well behaved uninstaller?
    Yes. All registry entries are removed, as well as all files in the installation directory.
  18. Are updates well behaved?
    Yes. BerBible keeps track of the directory to which it was installed, and subsequent updates use this as the default. As of ver 2.10p, there are no files modified by the end-user, so it is a non-issue that something like notes would get lost or overwritten. BerBible can detect if a vpl has possibly gotten corrupted, and provide guidance on how to fix.
  19. What license restrictions, if any, does BerBible have?
    BerBible uses the Mozilla 1.1 license. This conforms to the Open Source Initiative and imposes negligible restrictions on the user, other than the developer being able to control changes. Anyone may freely distribute BerBible, but there are limits on being able to change the actual code and still call it BerBible. Specifically, BerBible is not GPL or public domain. BerBible
  20. What protection is implemented for restricted, copyrighted Bibles?
    None yet. The next release will have password protected, SCOP encryption.
  21. How to I check for updates?
    There is a Help + Check-For-Update function that will send an e-mail to our attention. However, the easiest way is to check the homepage.
  22. Can I give BerBible away to other people?
    Yes. Please do.
  23. Is BerBible available for sale from e-Bay?
    We haven't seen this, but it could happen. The Mozilla 1.1 license does not prohibit this. BerBible might be included with other software on a CD, perhaps. It would be very unlikely, however, if the version for sale had features or advantages beyond the free version.
  24. With which operating systems does BerBible work?
    Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNt4, Win2000, WinXp
  25. Does BerBible work on or with pda's?
    No, but it is on the roadmap of enhancements. The design philosophy for BerBible isn't that different from The Zen of Palm Development to have a simple application that loads very quickly. BerBible
God is pleased when followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have a growing knowledge of His Bible, His Son, and His message of salvation and repentance for a lost and dying world.